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Secretary Treasurer and Chaplain Appointed

The Capital Area Association took action at the last meeting to appoint two positions.  The Secretary Treasurer’s position was filled by Tony Hill who is principle with Firefly Admin Inc.  Tony volunteered to take the position to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Jan Turcotte who left to spend more time her ailing spouse.  We welcome Tony and appreciate his efforts.  We also thank Jan for her willingness to fill the position that was vacated by Mike Ouimet.  Jan your service to the Capital Area Association is much appreciated.

We also appointed a Chaplain.  Fred Richards a newly elected commissioner from the Harmony Corners Fire District in Saratoga County is also a chaplain for his department and has graciously agreed to be the Chaplain for the Capital Area Association.  Many of you probably remember Fred who was formally with OFPC prior to his retirement from the State.  We welcome Fred to the group and appreciate his willingness to provide his heavenly guidance.