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The NYS 2023 Evidence Based EMS Agenda for the Future – Report!

The New York State EMS system has markedly deteriorated over the past several years due to declining volunteerism, lack of public funding to cover costs of readiness, inadequate staffing, rising costs, insufficient insurance reimbursement, rising call volumes, a lack of performance standards, poor understanding of the EMS system by elected officials
and the public, NYS home rule, and lack of transparency and accountability for EMS agencies. New York State’s (NYS) emergency medical services (EMS) are in trouble. Multiple ambulance services have closed their doors over the past
several years, and many who remain open are unable to respond to emergency calls in any consistent fashion. Originally established as a transportation provider, EMS has developed over time to encompass healthcare, public safety, disaster
response, mitigation, and public health. Today, EMS is an unanticipated (and often unfunded) safety net provider of pre-hospital healthcare, offering care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay for services.

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