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NYS-Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Disability Benefit Program Reporting Dates!!

As we all know, cancer prevention in the fire service is more important now than ever. Studies have shown that our firefighters have a greater risk of being diagnosed with cancer that the general public. We remind all our members that the NYS Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Law (NYS General Municipal Law 205-cc), requires annual reporting by fire districts. Annual reports are due to OFPC on December 1st, 2022.

Please see the letter from James Cable, State Fire Administrator, CLCIK HERE (LINK TO SFA LETTER)

the upcoming due dates and requirements.  It is important to continue increasing cancer awareness and prevention to assure our firefighters’ health and wellness. NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control provides excellent Firefighter Health and Wellness Presentations. Please contact Fire Protection Specialist,  Timothy Graves at [email protected]  or (518)-292-2355 for more information.

Remember to complete the required reports and submit them by their due dates.

Due by December 1, 2022, Fire District, department or company annual claims report EOSB-210.8C. Your insurance company is able to provide a report that includes this information. []

Due by December 1, 2022, Annual Roster of Interior Fire Fighters EOSB-210.8R. This should include the list of a department’s interior firefighters from 2022 or if you have purchased an enhanced plan, all firefighters covered by your insurance plan. []

Due by January 1, 2023, Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Program
Attestation/Proof of Benefits EOSB-210.5 along with a copy of the cover sheet of the insurance policy.